What does a Manager or Consultant in Digital Marketing do?

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A Digital Marketing Manager is fundamentally an executive who designs a digital marketing strategy, according to the needs and specifications of the interested business institution.

I would like to go further into these specific functions in particular.

1. Analyzing the Current Market Trends

A Digital Marketing Manager must be aware of any current changes and trends which are affecting specific sectors of a client company. Only in this way can he develop strategies which will allow him to get ahead of his competitors. In fact, proper product analysis of competing products is, indeed, a crucial part of his function.

Analyzing the Current Market Trends
Analyzing the Current Market Trends

2. Structuring the Strategy of Branding

Image, visibility, and reputation (name) of brands form a major part of the Digital Marketing Manager’s job. He will often clarify the general marketing structure and supervise upcoming activities concerning campaigns on the Social Media. In addition, he is normally the one who decides on the most appropriate means. For instance, some may require a stronger presence on Facebook or Instagram, whereas others , due to their professional character, may be better prepresented on Linked in.

Structuring the Strategy of "Branding".
Structuring the Strategy of “Branding”.

3. Content Management

Content Management is yet another basic tool within the global concept of Digital Marketing. In this sense, the task facing the Digital Marketing Manager will be to determine which of these should be integrated into the Newsletters sent out to followers or clients / registered users, or even those who may be following Blogs, for example. In the same way, in a world more and more affected by the multi-media environment, it will also be the Digital Marketing Manager who supervises what is published on Youtube and other portals of Video streaming.

Content Management
Content Management

4. Operating in terms of Inbound Marketing

This directly relates to the previous point above. By means of offering content which will generate interest, the Digital Marketing Manager will choose to design a strategy which applies to both the increase in web traffic and the converting of users into clients.

Operating in terms of Inbound Marketing
Operating in terms of Inbound Marketing

5. Search Engines Positioning

None of the above will be possible unless the Digital Marketing Manager ascertains the optimum positioning in Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and the rest of the search engines. It must be kept in mind that , without considering this, it would be impossible to capture users, simply because the webpage will not appear in a preferential position on the first page of results.

Search Engines Positioning
Search Engines Positioning

6. Managing a Budget for Digital Marketing

Beyond the usual tasks and activities involved, it is the Digital Marketing Manager who is in charge of establishing the budget. This is of particular importance since he will choose which strategies will require more Human Resources, based on his past experience, knowledge, and analytical ability.

Fijar el presupuesto de marketing digital
Managing a Budget for Digital Marketing

7. Analyzing the Results

As in any other element of professional perspective, the Digital Marketing Manager’s task is tied to the success or failure resulting from his decisions. Therefore, once the campaign has been completed or is sufficiently well-developed, it is the Digital Marketing Manager who must evaluate the results and, where needed, make any adjustments necessary to ensure the proper result.

Medición de los resultados
Analyzing the Results

Clearly, the Digital Marketing Manager must face multiple challenges on a daily basis, both short-term and long-term in nature. It must not be forgotten, in addition to all the above, that it will be the Digital Marketing Manager who must deal with any emerging crisis during the development of the campaigns under his supervision. These are, indeed, tasks involving and benefiting from a wide range of knowledge and consideration in the decision-making process.

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