10 Social Media strategies to succeed in the Real Estate Sector

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Social networks have become a powerful resource for companies and professionals from multiple sectors. This is due to the fact that the effective use of these platforms allows businesses to maintain a much closer relationship with customers, as well as to better position the company in order to attract new customers.

The real estate sector is, of course, no exception. But to be successful in this strategic sector, it is best to learn how to use social networks to your advantage.

The following 10 Social Media strategies to succeed in the Real Estate Sector are the most recommended:

Sell the location, not just the property

A common mistake when marketing any type of property is to focus the strategy exclusively on the property’s qualities and advantages. Given that every property is inseparable from its surroundings, it is best to pay attention to the city in which it is situated (and, if applicable, also to the neighbourhood or district). When you think about it, there will be times when the location of the property is all it takes to arouse the interest of the potential buyers.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Be yourself

Or, if you prefer, let your company show its true image. Many people are under false impression that using a pretentious image presentation to the public will attract more potential buyers. Obviously, we must adapt to the niche market, but never at the expense of showing a false image of ourselves. In the medium term, this will cause distrust among your potential customers.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Educate your customers

No, we are not suggesting that you sit your prospective clients in front of a blackboard and encourage them to take notes from your explanations. Simply show yourself to be as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to pointing out the characteristics of the property or the environment it is located in. You should not assume that all the customers know about the ins and outs of the property sector, so it is possible that they will even thank you for the clarification.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Communicate with your followers

A social network site is not a Web page that you can build with great enthusiasm and then limit yourself to periodically updating the contents. Social networks require more or less constant interaction between the person responsible for the page and its followers. Therefore, it is necessary to respond relatively quickly to any inquiries you receive and be willing to respond to all the comments.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Also watch the negative comments

None of us like to receive criticism, especially when these are not courteously expressed or are highly exaggerated. However, you can not ignore the negative comments. Even if it’s just a few words on your page, any criticism that is published on the social network should always receive a response. This does not guarantee that the user in question will change their opinion, but the rest of the followers will value your attitude and professionalism.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Do not just highlight a few features of the property

If your clients would like to receive a list with the general features of a home, your presence would be rather irrelevant. Do not limit yourself to highlighting the qualities of the property, highlight what makes it unique and why it is ideal for different profiles of buyers.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

The use of videos is essential

Experts in e-commerce know that products with plenty of multimedia material in their presentation are sold much quicker than the rest. Apply this concept to the real estate business and publish short videos (just a couple of minutes long) with the most striking rooms of the properties. Remember that this resource allows you to focus on the aspects that can attract the most customers.

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Do not assume that you are only dealing with inexperienced buyers

We have already emphasised that knowledge can be a great ally to better position a property. However, do not fall into the error of taking this for granted that all the users who interact with you in your social networks lack experience or knowledge in the real estate sector. Some may require more complete or specific answers, so you should be prepared to handle all types of queries and not just the most basic ones.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Do not talk to yourself in your social network sites

Some professionals use their corporate social networks to attend to personal matters, or even worse, they publish posts pretending to be people from outside the company. This does not do your business any good because it creates the feeling that you want to deceive the users, especially when it is so easy to detect these bad practices nowadays.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias

Do not forget your long-term clients

In business, just like love, we take too many things for granted. Thus, we tend to put the emphasis on attracting new customers, offering them good services or launching special promotions to attract them. This is not the wrong thing to do, but do not forget that the base of your company is the clients that have already put their trust in it. It is recommended to include them in any strategy you use on social networks.

Social Media Real Estate | Redes Sociales Inmobiliarias



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