Grow with Google: Free training in digital competence

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Grow with Google is, without a doubt, the most interesting proposal of the most important web search engine of the moment in the area of professional training. It consists of a series of free courses and training programs to obten knowledge about techniques, skills and digital resources. Here we wish to inform you of everything you should know about it.

Google Activate: Formación gratuita en competencias digitales
Grow with Google: Free training in digital competence

Online and face-to-face training courses

Clearly, the prime objective of Grow with Google is online training. It offers the opportunity to take advantage of a wide variety of courses from the comfort and flexibility of your own home. For example, by choosing this option, you will be able to expand your knowledge in terms of web development, digital marketing or creation of applications through video tutorials and written content of various types that you can easily download. Later, you will only have to pass some tests to obtain the qualifications that guarantee that you have acquired the knowledge.

However, it is of particular interest that Google also offers face-to-face courses. More specifically, these are based on two different programmes. The first deals with ‘Training in Entrepreneurship’ and the second one with ‘Digital Marketing’. The duration of these ranges from 20 to 40 hours and the certificate obtained after passing the exam is accredited by IAB Spain.

A very interesting  job opportunity

At present, it is estimated that approximately 200,00 job positions related to the sectors of technology and digital marketing are yet to be filled in Europe. Providing qualified professionals to specialized companies is the prime objective of Grow with Google.

Currently, the platform can already boast that, thanks to their initiative, some 34,000 people in Spain alone have already found jobs thanks to their services. Moreover, 28 universities collaborate with them, as well as an infinite number of private and public institutions.

In short, it is clear that training in digital skills is more important than ever and that its impact on the future can only increase. So, resorting to the services of a platform like Grow with Google is a sure bet.

Read this article in Spanish.

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